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Editorial policy on criticism sections of articles News: POSTING RULES FOR MAIN CZ BOARDS: (1) The CZ Forums are Citizens-only (a "Citizen" is a Citizendium member). Non-Citizens may use only the burberry belt "Non-Citizen comments" board, but still must register before posting (it easy!). Non-Citizen posts elsewhere will be summarily deleted. (2) All must use their own real names. To edit your displayed name, click on Profile > Account Related Settings. (3) Citizens must link to their CZ user pages. To edit your signature, click on Profile > Forum Profile Information. Click here to return to the wiki E-mail support This is an issue that needs a burberry images full discussion on the Forums, and then an official and clear policy articulated by the Editorial Council. On the other hand, CZ must not censor perfectly valid information without extremely good reason. Criticisms should be included or excluded based on importance, just like other sorts of information. For example, the Microsoft article should definitely include a discussion criticisms related to anti-trust, burberry prorsum such as a history of its court case and a burberry quilt mention of OOXML criticisms. burberry quilted boots A section on criticisms in an evolution article might be appropriate. There are some things which have very serious debate with real results that affect the public-at-large and have sweeping impacts which I think definately deserve criticisms sections, but not in the style of mechanics that are currently being employed in the initial topic. However, there are also those which are possibly inconsequential as a single individual point but can be parlayed into an overall neutral view that describes the truth of the matter, being a significant portion of something. The trouble burberry zagreb is how it written and by whom and what motivations. I wouldn ban them, but I would strongly discourage them (WP does to an extent). Criticism burberry 2013 collection should appear in reliable third party sources (major new outlets, journals) or at least come from major organizations (like mainstream engineering and medical associations). This makes things citable and also keeps out the cruft without getting hung up on some arbitrary "notability" criteria. Also, it is best integrated into the burberry 7503 page or sections. So [[Microsoft]] could have a section about ant-trust issues and business conduct issues. Major facts about cases, results, and criticism could go in. On the other hand, I can see it as a hard-fast rule. A burberry ad emma "criticism" section may be justified when there is citable criticism that is hard to sort, especially for new articles. Also, topics on theories and philosophies may often need them. Criticism sections are glaringly novice. I think CZ has a better way. Well, no. I mean, the way "criticism" is being used here, maybe, but what about pure criticism in disciplines that call for it? I don particularly care if we talking section or subpages, but I just want to point it out, because often the body of work is too large to be comfortably included in the article as it would break the narrative flow. The one thing that is "glaringly novice" about "criticism" sections is precisely the title and crude conception of such sections. The title and execution of such sections in Wikipedia implies burberry necktie that it is fair and scholarly to list a grab-bag of undifferentiated criticisms that different parties have made. This is a mere parody of something that actually happens in scholarship. For example, burberry replica one can find sections of encyclopedia articles about philosophy that list arguments against a particular theory. That fine, sometimes. Often there just one type of argument that gets a large section, and then there a grab bag of other, lesser-known, less important arguments. Similarly, it would be wrong not to include sections in articles about McDonald or the burberry xs shirts Soviet Union, or Scientology, that did not list, for example, their legal and/or political scandals. There is no need to "ban" such sections for the simple reason that few Citizens will be inclined to include them--precisely because they are silly. There is burberry 1110 no reason why a discussion about Microsoft anti-trust issues can be discussed without adding the word to the title. The word itself is not neutral and sets a negative environment for the information to come. I never seen a section called burberry 50% off "Constructive criticism of Microsoft", or for that matter "Praise of Microsoft". We just write the praise. so why not just write the criticism. burberry 7505 If we feel like we have to add the title, maybe it because we really want people to agree with us.
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